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Unexpressed emotions are some of the keys that keep us from finding our ideal partner.However, most of us don’t deal with the source of what caused the pain in past failed relationships which sometimes creates patterns and cycles.The reason is simple: it’s the irony we create about love and relationships.Dating violence is commonly perpetrated in adolescence, making it imperative to understand risk factors in order to inform prevention efforts.The current study examined longitudinal relationships between individual and class norms supporting dating violence and perpetration of physical and psychological dating violence.Participants were two cohorts of sixth graders from 37 schools who were in dating relationships at Wave 1 and 6 months later at Wave 2 ( = 74) at Level 2.

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We have awesome stories about breakups by Chad Weaver, Stephanie Super, Sam La Tourette, Lindsey Brenkus, and Detrick Payne.I’ve written before about the problem of trying to identify signs whose forms and values are both similar in the Cretan and Cypriot scripts; this tablet is particularly interesting because, as well as sign-forms with very clear correspondences in both Linear A (LA) and later CM, it includes some signs which only seem to have LA equivalents, as well as others with only CM correspondences.It thus seems to represent an early stage of the adaptation of an Aegean script (whether LA or an unattested related script) to produce the CM writing system(s), including some inherited signs which may have been dropped or changed beyond recognition in later CM, but also already some newly-created Cypriot signs.In the end, it’s very hard to be certain about how to classify this single small tablet, and since I’m definitely not an expert on anything Cypriot I’m going to stay firmly on the fence for now – but in any case it certainly seemed an appropriate choice for a conference dedicated to the relationships between the various Aegean and Cypriot writing systems.Which, I should say, was an extremely interesting, enjoyable, and thought-provoking conference, wtih an impressive range of topics covered in a series of consistently high-quality papers – plus a great deal of equally interesting discussions during the tea-breaks, reception, and dinner.Although individual norms supporting dating violence are strongly related to its perpetration, few studies have examined their longitudinal impact.

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