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N2 sits directly in the tree's center fork or crotch, where the trunk splits to form smaller branches. The eagles hadn't yet started fall courtship or nestorations. If the eagles can, it is no more alarming to them than anything else - leaves blowing, branches tossing, cloud shadows, squirrels and other animals, and people on the bike path. We didn't go up into the tree - those cams are still running from 2012. The cameras are mounted a little over where the limb turns up.How many corn husks were in it when you put up the cams? Did you leave a food offering when you put up the cams on N2? We don't know for sure why they left, but there are two theories. After making sure no eagles were in the area, we fired a crossbow loaded with monofilament line over our target branch. The PTZ is a mini PTZ and the fixed cam is also quite small. I'm guessing they are about four feet above the nest. Despite having helped install the cam, and don't know much about them. You have reached the right place to chat online live and absolutely 100% FREE. Adult, teen, single, gay, and lesbian users and those who prefer one on one private video chat room conversations are all welcome.

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