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Credit card holders are typically charged the fee when they purchase items while overseas or when they make purchases that use an overseas bank to process the transaction.But increasingly, consumers -- especially wealthy and frequently flying consumers -- see credit card offers that don't charge transaction fees.Please be aware that the program is quite structured.In order to show the participants as much as possible, our days of touring will be long and on some evenings special events will be planned.The table gives an example of how these fees for purchases work both inside and outside Europe. In other countries, there will be a non-sterling transaction fee of 2.50% as well as a non-sterling cash fee of £1.50.The table shows you an example of how much you’ll pay in fees if you withdraw cash both inside and outside Europe.Prepaid SIM cards are available in most cellphone shops (with many of them in every city) and in some kiosks.

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4G/LTE: LTE works in most big cities on 1800 MHz (band 3) and there are plans to add 2600 MHz (band 7) to all networks in the future.

It is similar to a credit card, but unlike a credit card, the money comes directly from the user's bank account when performing a transaction.

Some cards may bear a stored value with which a payment is made, while most relay a message to the cardholder's bank to withdraw funds from a payer's designated bank account.

Israeli SIM cards cost nowadays around NIS 30-50 and come without any balance, needing a top-up when you buy them.

Frequent travelers probably know that you can get slammed by foreign transaction fees if you use your credit and debit cards overseas.

HSBC also recently waived foreign transaction fees for all consumer credit cards, says spokesman Neil Brazil.

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