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(3) Responsibility To Consider: The words "may," "might," "could," and other terms and phrases describe actions and procedures that auditors have a responsibility to consider. [Effective pursuant to SEC Release Nos 33-8233 & 34-47746 (April 25, 2003); SEC Release No. (c) Unless directed otherwise by the Board, a registered public accounting firm must file such report electronically with the Board through the Board's Web-based system. PCAOB-2016-01 (May 9, 2016)] In connection with an engagement (i) described in the AICPA's Auditing Standards Board's Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements No.

Matters described in this fashion require the auditor's attention and understanding. (d) Form AP shall be deemed to be filed on the date that the registered public accounting firm submits a Form AP in accordance with this rule that includes the certification in Part VI of Form AP. 10 (Codification of Statements on Auditing Standards, AT § 101.01 (AICPA 2002)) and (ii) related to the preparation or issuance of audit reports, a registered public accounting firm, and its associated persons, shall comply with the AICPA Auditing Standards Board's Statements on Standards for Attestation Engagements, and related interpretations and Statements of Position, as in existence on April 16, 2003, to the extent not superseded or amended by the Board. (a)(ii) Affiliate of the Audit Client The term "affiliate of the audit client" means - (1) An entity that has control over the audit client, or over which the audit client has control, or which is under common control with the audit client, including the audit client's parents and subsidiaries; (2) An entity over which the audit client has significant influence, unless the entity is not material to the audit client; (3) An entity that has significant influence over the audit client, unless the audit client is not material to the entity; and (4) Each entity in the investment company complex when the audit client is an entity that is part of an investment company complex.

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But if you're talking about kissing people you date, be cautious in how you use this form of affection.

Harvey has notoriously (or victoriously, depending on who you ask) stated that women should wait at least three months before sleeping with a new partner.

But once you gain the "girlfriend" title, all games should end for good.

There should be no more questions as to whether he's into you, like 24 hours passing with no calls, texts, or email, or his saying he "has plans" but not elaborating on what they are.

A registered public accounting firm and its associated persons shall comply with all applicable auditing and related professional practice standards. (1) Unconditional Responsibility: The words "must," "shall," and "is required" indicate unconditional responsibilities.

PCAOB-2003-05 (October 31, 2003)] (a) The Board's auditing and related professional practice standards use certain terms set forth in this rule to describe the degree of responsibility that the standards impose on auditors.

I won’t go into one of the many rants I have stored up on how damaging the mere premise of Steve Harvey’s Think Like A Man, Act Like A Lady book can be to women attempting to maneuver through already confusing dating and relationship rituals.

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