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The Able Body Seaman works on deck and has various tasks, such as keeping watch or carrying out maintenance on equipment and materials.

The Able Body Seaman understands the marine operations safety principles, while he might be required to assist in inspections of the vessel, the docking procedures, fueling procedures, crane operations, as well as loading and offloading.

He adopted his alias when arrested on charges of conspiracy by FBI agents in 1957.

Born in the United Kingdom to Russian émigré parents, Fisher moved to Russia in the 1920s and served in the Soviet military before undertaking foreign service as a radio operator in Soviet intelligence in the late 1920s and early 1930s.

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Applicants are expected to visit the Visa Centre by themselves to submit their application.

If for some reason the application cannot be submitted by the applicant him/herself, it may be submitted by: If a representative of an applicant submits the documents, it is mandatory to have copies of the applicant’s Internal passport’s pages with the personal information and registration.

After rejoining the KGB in 1946, Fisher was trained as a spy for entry into the United States.

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In the navy this seaman is placed just above the ordinary sailor.

His job description varies from one organization to another.

Following his recruitment, he worked for the OGPU as a radio operator in Norway, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and France.

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