Accomodating patiens


But, like other doctors practicing today, you probably have more time constraints on your schedule than ever before.

In a health care environment where the average patient visit lasts only 15 minutes, something's got to give, right?

Being aware of cultural differences and knowing that they can impact care delivery is important.

And the development of culturally sensitive programs can help bridge differences, positively impact care and lead to increased resident, family, and employee satisfaction.

It’s hard to believe that I have been practicing optometry for nearly 30 years and in private practice for 27 of them.

I have been so very fortunate to have taken care of so many wonderful patients…children, adolescents, young teen, adults and seniors.

As a family physician, you already have excellent communication skills.

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To communicate smarter with your patients, you'll need to refine the basic communication skills you already have, make the necessary adjustments in your communication style to accommodate today's more participatory style of care, and take steps to go the extra mile.

For example, language interpreters and an arsenal of practical and effective technologies, strategies and tools are available, albeit often ignored or underutilized.

He is very emphatetic to his patients needs, and takes the time to listen, and he really cares about his patients as individuals, he does not see them just as patients. Patel for many years I can actually say that when you leave his office after a visit you actually feel like he has taken the best care for you , he makes you feel as if you were a member of his family.

Patients who have difficulty communicating, for whatever reason, will continue to experience unnecessary pain, premature deaths, consequential medication errors, dissatisfaction and incentives to litigate caused by a host of, often preventable, sentinel events.

Mechanisms to help providers and patients address and solve communication breakdowns and barriers exist.

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