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Acting teachers are great, not only for helping to build craft and confidence but for offering up advice on mastering the ins and outs of a new market.

On top of giving solid commercial training in a state popular for that type of work, Arizona acting teachers also know about all the theaters, casting directors, and resources newcomers should be aware of.

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Check out these five institutions to learn from in the Grand Canyon State.

Arizona Actors Academy Led by artistic director Brandy Hotchner, also a resident instructor at Phoenix Theatre, AAA uses the Method approach to teach on-camera, improvisation, voice, and movement skills to adults and teens alike; Shakespeare classes are also on offer.

Dearing Studio This youth-focused, Meisner-based studio works with actors ages 6 and up across disciplines including film and television, improvisation, and commercial work.

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The Catholic Youth Ministry Convention provides a beautiful mix of practical, comprehensive training and spiritual renewal.

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I am also not a fan of zoom lenses (due to them usually being so slow) and this RX100 seemed (at first) like a dumbed down Nikon V1 without the EVF. Well, because it houses the same size sensor as the Nikon 1 series sensor, which is a 1″ sensor (don’t get me started on sensor “actual” sizes, this is what Sony and Nikon call it, so this is how I am referring to it).

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