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The roots of dissent were deeply imbedded in the culture of a pre-World War II state university struggling to achieve distinction.President Herman B Wells had used his considerable talent for persuasion to move the institution away from its parochialism and had built a liberal university that could defend the sex research of Alfred Kinsey.invited three active participants in the story Mary Ann Wynkoop tells (one was an administrator and two were student protesters) and one well-placed observer (a former faculty member) to reflect on the book and on the period it analyses. The first few chapters of Mary Ann Wynkoop's study brought back vague memories of Indiana University students singing "Where have all the young men gone," mobilization meetings, pickets, marches, and even the sweet aroma of burning grass.It also recalled graduate students seeking advice about what to do when they were called up for military service (advice in good conscience I could not give) and colleagues who gave all draft-eligible males students "A" grades because they did not want to send them to die in the rice paddies of "Nam." It also revived images: a student shot dead at Kent State and a naked Vietnamese child, burned by napalm, running in the street.

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This was chiefly due to migration to suburban areas as well as the demise of Studebaker and other heavy industry.

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The area was originally settled in the early 19th century by fur traders and was established as a city in 1865. Joseph River shaped South Bend's economy through the mid-20th century.

River access assisted heavy industrial development such as that of the Studebaker Corporation, the Oliver Chilled Plow Company, and other large corporations.

Loud kids, active kids, mad kids, disruptive kids, depressed or anxious kids, unhappy teenagers with failing grades, school discipline issues or drug/alcohol problems.

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