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She can’t quit her job to stay home with Rian; there’s no one else around to pay the mortgage.She can’t go part time, either—at least not until he’s out of college.He graduated cum laude from the University of Baltimore School of Law and received his LL.M in Taxation and Certificate in Estate Planning from Georgetown University Law Center.The Tenderloin took its name from an older neighborhood in New York with similar characteristics.There are several explanations of how that neighborhood was named.

The terms "Tenderloin Heights" and "The Tendernob" refer to the area around the indefinite boundary between the Upper Tenderloin and Lower Nob Hill.The eastern extent, near Union Square, overlaps with the Theater District.Part of the western extent of the Tenderloin, Larkin and Hyde Streets between Turk and O'Farrell, was officially named "Little Saigon" by the City of San Francisco.Dennis’ unique expertise is obtaining favorable underwriting offers on medically impaired risk clientele.With over 30 years of life insurance negotiating experience, Dennis can bring options and resources to the most complicated planning situations. Dennis helped build a nationwide network of medically trained professionals whose purpose was to negotiate and advocate on behalf of the insured to obtain the best possible rating class for the purchasing of new life insurance protection on medically impaired risk clientele.At 35, Talia Braude left her job at a high-end architecture firm in Manhattan to be her own boss.

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