Amaury nolasco dating jennifer morrison

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: A day or two ago, as we sat on the back deck, flicked falling leaves off our trusty laptop computer and nursed our second late afternoon gin and tonic, we chit chatted with one of our better informed informants–a lovely because prop records show in early August of 2009 he forked over ,550,000 for a 2,946 square foot house on a private driveway off Laurel View Drive.

It probably doesn’t hurt that records show Mister Nolasco purchased the property with his ladee-friend, actress Jennifer Morrison.

Miss Morrison currently plays on a doctor on the hit program which is another show Your Mama has never tuned in to if only because we don’t care for hospital dramas.

We do not want to know that the surgeon is having marital problems with his alcoholic wife and his nurse mistress is stalking him. We have more than enough of the doctor drama right at home so it’s unnecessarily redundant to watch doctors on the damn tee-vee.

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Nolasco has guest-starred in various television series such as Arli$$, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and ER.Well some Hollywood relationships aren’t meant to survive more than one season.Check out also boyfriend lists of Miley Cyrus, Olivia Wilde, and Miranda Cosgrove. They even once went for romantic trip to Paris together, Jesse and Jennifer. It’s too bad that their relationship didn’t work out and they broke up in 2007, don’t you think?He also appeared on Mind of Mencia as a guest on Sunday, April 29, 2007.He also starred in the movie adaptation of the Transformers, released during the summer of 2007.As you can see from Morrison’s boyfriend list, she likes to hook up with her co-stars from Hollywood. Jennifer Morrison is American actress, model and movie producer. This show got her nomination for a prestigious Screen Actors Guild Award.

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