Best known as the ``pioneer of outing'' (identifying homosexuals in public life), gay activist-journalist Signorile (a columnist for The Advocate) offers no revelations in this angry memoir.

Dear Vlad, You don’t mind if I call you, Vlad, do you?

Margaret Villers, an assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, examined more than 20,000 responses in a study of teenage girls.

Villers and her team found that “when obese girls did have sex,” they were “three times as likely as healthy-weight girls to have had sex by the age of 13; 30% more likely to have sex with more than three boys by the end of high school; [and] less likely to use condoms.” Varney writes that based on feedback from therapists, “Overweight teenage girls can be reluctant to refuse any advances out of fear that they’ll have few chances in the future for romantic and sexual attention.” Furthermore, a 2011 study found that “extremely obese high-school girls” were “less likely to have sexual intercourse overall…But when they did have a sexual encounter, 42% reported using drugs or alcohol — four times the rate of healthy-weight girls.” This is troubling for a host of reasons, not the least of which is that “since girls who were drunk or high often ‘did more’ sexually than they originally intended, [they] were more likely to have sex without birth control.” Jennie Noll, a professor at Penn State who participated in that study, “worries that heavy girls who become sexually active aren’t developing mature sexual identity that will serve them well on their journey to adulthood; they’re just stuck in a cycle.

Instead of just talking about change, a sex coach may accompany a shy client to a sexuality boutique, or help a distraught client create more compelling language to engage a partner with low sexual desire. Patti’s chapter in the newly released collection, describes a range of ways. MEBES emerged in parallel process to the 4-D Wheel of Sexual Experience, and has many similarities.


A memo about this was said to be generated by a former agent of MI-6, one of Britain’s premier spook agencies, so our US news media has taken this allegation seriously. You say the “perverted sexual acts” worthy of blackmailing a US president consisted of renting a hotel room in Moscow where Trump hired some prostitutes to “perform a golden showers (urination) show in front of him” on the bed that president and Mrs. Vlad, by your own admission in an interview with Bloomberg News, you clearly have no understanding of American culture or domestic political life. It celebrates the freedom of choosing your own gender."Drug use [can] threaten earnings, especially if employees are willing to charge a lower price in exchange for narcotics," the study stated.And while the pimps may have underreported their use of violence, they admitted to psychologically manipulating women into sex work.You do know, don’t you, that the US president-elect is a twice-divorced man whose fourth child was born out of wedlock?And the mother of that child claimed he gave her “the best sex I ever had“?The report also includes fascinating tables such as the one below, detailing how much pimps make (hint: it’s a lot more than the prostitutes make): Growing Up in the Sex Business Nearly all the pimps interviewed described themselves as “business managers” – and some even saw the term “pimp” as derogatory.

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