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Turnhout is also the capital of the administrative district with the same name.The Turnhout city council often promotes the city as "the capital of the Kempen area"."Therefore we must continue to be on high alert and mobilise all our forces," he added.

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City gates were traditionally built to provide a point of controlled access to and departure from a walled city for people, vehicles, goods and animals.

Many cities would close their gates after a certain curfew each night, for example a bigger one like Prague or a smaller one like Flensburg, in the north of Germany.

With increased stability and freedom, many walled cities removed such fortifications as city gates, although many still survive; albeit for historic interest rather than security.

The municipality comprises only the city of Turnhout proper.

On January 1, 2015, Turnhout had a total population of 42,637.

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