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Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Romance / What Age Is Appropriate For Dating? Now,you're going all religious 3coins: girls 16...18. kids of nowadays wont wait this long NB: francistony.

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Young people always have conflicts with their parents about quite a delicate problem of dating.

Evidently, parents always treat their children as small kids who do not have experience and knowledge about the world around and when the question about dating is provoked, a conflict is inevitable.

(1) (2) (3) (4) These days, it's as if everyone is dating, no matter the age.

This is actually an interesting question and I'd like to comment on two things.It's like the teen girls start earlier than the boys, maybe because the girls look mature or older than their age. As a chaste christian, there's no age that's appropriate to start dating. kids of nowadays wont wait this long NB: francistony. Just get ready for marriage when you are riped to get a wife. S- It doesn't apply to 'others' who don't share Christian faith. From the first comment here to the one immediately above me; the first one took it the religious way, the 2nd the intimate way and well, the third went morally ethical on us so it's pretty much a case of different strokes for different folks. Being able to draw on that hard-won inner strength in a relationship gives them strength of character and makes them rock-solid partners in every way.Many senior women have raised kids, often as single moms, job-hopped to make ends meet, volunteered in their communities, gone back to school, and maintained close, lifelong friendships with other women.By that logic we can assume a person who is 50 would be appropriately dating people between 32 and 93 years of age.

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