Are ian and anthony dating


‘affair’ had lead to the breakup of Ian’s marriage, it appears that the media frenzy surrounding Carol Anthony and Ian Rush’s relationship has brought the drinking buddies together.According to the Sunday Independent, it is official and Carol has confirmed that the relationship is indeed real, My marriage ended six months ago and my relationship with Ian just blossomed after that. Ian had nothing to do with the break-up of my marriage. While you might track the ups and downs of the Liars' relationships on-screen, their off-screen relationships are a little more private.

This leads to many a celebrity cameo -- something they were very excited about.And while their videos rack up the views, they were definitely hesitant about going from short form to a full film."Before going to my first day of shooting I was so nervous," Padilla tells toofab's Brian Moreno.As of 2016, it can be safely assumed, after a series of social media reveals and unfollows, that they are no longer friends.In his second Draw My Life he stated that the relationship with Kalel was manipulative and throughout most of it he feels now he was being used.The creators of SMOSH have gone from 3-6 minute videos to a full feature-length film -- and making "SMOSH: The Movie" was a daunting task.

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