Are we dating or just friends with benefits


We talk on the phone at least 1- 2 times a day - just to see how the other is etc. The communication and friendship that you guys have established and respecting one another's situation and stance in life right now is wonderful. Keep it just the way it is and it really sounds like you have found a possible jewel. We are each other's firsts in terms of a new "relationship". He told me he does not want to be in a "relationship" as in moving in or getting married, however he has said that he is not dating nor will he date other people - he does not feel he has his life in order enough yet and I am not looking to move in either at this point - but please tell me if you think we have potential or if we are doomed. Friends with benefits usually have more than one person involved. There are many people out there that I know can have sex with ZERO emotion attached ever. But the way I see it, you two just in a slow moving relationship. In my opinion it sounds like the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

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You say you dont want to be serious but i beleive your feelings already are. Not necessarily SEXy time, I mean do whatever you want people, we support you, but no affection period is not a good sign! Keep being a great friend, but keep your eyes, and heart open. But at the end of the day, you deserve someone who wants all of you. Group dates, or hanging out with friends is a great thing, but if it’s an all the time thing-try asking him or her to hang out with JUST YOU. If it’s a no, be on the lookout for someone who doesn’t want to share you with everyone else all the time. Sorry, I know I know we’re in that stage-but regardless, there should be some sexual tension! I think it’s safe to say that when you are interested in someone romantically, you want to kiss them…and hold their hand, and sit as close to them as possible. For example, I can’t imagine being on the same couch as my boyfriend and not wanting to put my head on his shoulder or him not having his hand on my leg. So if you begin to suspect that your friends with benefit relationship is turning into something deeper, here are a ten signs to watch out for.

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