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She said little about where she was during her absence, he added.

“She didn’t give a lot of information,” said the chief.

Ashley Iaconetti is back in the spotlight, even if she's not still in front of the camera.

The "Bachelor" alumna is reportedly dating last year's "Bachelorette" winner, Josh Murray.

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[Related: Relief and joy on social media for Ashley’s safe return] Reached at her family’s home, her brother Jamie Cradehl, said he hasn’t had time to process the news of his sister’s return. He added that when the family asked Ashley if they should join her at the hospital, she said no, that she needed time by herself. Murray was reported missing after failing to turn up at school that Monday morning.

Come celebrate all of WMHS' accomplishments, and more importantly those who make these accomplishments possible.

This celebration will be held at Eton Methodist Church on May 21 at . The two-day event provides participants with the tools to research their ancestry with Cherokee historical records and features a variety of discussion topics, including historical events before and after the removal, inter-tribal relationships and advancements in social media and its effect on genealogy research.

This unique facility permits Ashley’s solicitors, if they prefer, as an alternative to booking his services by telephone, to make a direct enquiry on line about his availability for any date(s) required up to and to secure the booking if desired.

In the event that the date enquired of is not available, please consider telephoning Ashley Murray’s Chambers at telephone number 01 or emailing an enquiry to [email protected]

A discount is given to those who register before June 3.

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