Be less intimidating to men


It could mean the difference between dating and intimidating.But first, let’s dispel the number one cliché about dating intimidation: being too attractive.Women are less likely to receive the first critical promotion to manager—so far fewer end up on the path to leadership—and are less likely to be hired into more senior positions.Women also get less access to the people, input, and opportunities that accelerate careers.Org and Mc Kinsey & Company to give companies the information they need to promote female leadership and foster gender equality in the workplace.132 companies employing more than 4.6 million people shared their pipeline data and completed a survey of HR practices.And, if you have your own relationship conundrum that needs to be solved, head on over to While sometimes in the dating world you will find guys you think are intimidating, there's also the possibility that you yourself are scaring off potential dates.

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For all their bluff and bluster, men aren’t always as confident as they may seem.

answers a question from Ask Your Tango, where readers seek out advice on love and relationships.

In this segment, Gray tells all the tall, confident women out there how they can be less intimidating to men.

If you need to be mean and intimidating toward someone, then you have to have an attitude of "I don't care what anyone thinks," a healthy dose of confidence, and the words to back it up.

If you want to know how to be mean and intimidating when you need to be, see Step 1 to be on your way.

Sure, they’re noisy, pushy and often far too boisterous for their own good, but it can take a lot of forced bravado – as well as a little imbibing – to get them to act that way.

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