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The Svislach River, which flows across the city from the northwest to the southeast, is in the urstromtal, an ancient river valley formed by water flowing from melting ice sheets at the end of the last Ice Age.There are six smaller rivers within the city limits, all part of the Black Sea basin.The average altitude above sea level is 220 metres (720 ft).The physical geography of Minsk was shaped over the two most recent ice ages.·Belarusian athletes failed to win a gold medal in athletics at the London 2012 Paralympic Games for the first time ever.Since Belarus participated they always won at least one.

·Athens 2004 were Belarus' most successful Paralympic Games to date, winning 10 gold medals (S12-B7).It was part of a region annexed by the Russian Empire in 1793, as a consequence of the Second Partition of Poland.From 1919 to 1991, after the Russian Revolution, Minsk was the capital of the Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic within the Soviet Union. Minsk is located on the southeastern slope of the Minsk Hills, a region of rolling hills running from the southwest (upper reaches of the river Nioman) to the northeast – that is, to Lukomskaye Lake in northwestern Belarus.We are grateful to be able to carry on the legacy of Green Singles and bring it into our family of conscious, green, spiritual dating sites all sharing the same, large database of members.This creates a win/win situation for the members and us.Interkontakt has been helping match russian girls to both russian guys and international guys since it's inaugural launch in 2006, and now serves hundreds of thousands of singles from various countries.

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