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She’s a born planner, keeping herself organized and ready to take the lead. But, you won’t hear her gloating about her success, or see her spending money frivolously.

She might be a perfectionist, so she’s probably her own worst critic.

According to the compatibility horoscope, a union between a Scorpio man and Capricorn woman can be described as: "Not all gold glitters".

These two, passionately in love with each other, will get married almost immediately.

Due to her staunchness, a Taurus man always puts his trust in her whatever she does or wherever she goes.

Moreover, a Capricorn woman is ambitious, so she will strive to achieve some goals in the life.

As emotionally guarded as she can be, she’ll love you eternally and expect you to do the same for her.

If you ever dare turn on a Capricorn, you’re going to have to do a lot legwork to gain back her respect.

Therefore, the private romantic places will be the great ideas for their dates.

They can become the best friends quickly because of the same hobbies or attitudes.

In the work, they don’t dither over sharing their knowledge and experiences together.

Capricorn woman's critical mind, tenacious remarks, and black humor makes her shiver with her stinging remarks and directness of some of her interlocutors.

Scorpio man, so liked these direct and even a bit rough qualities, will soon notice that he is often the object of criticism.

In marriage, they both seek to dominate and do not like yielding to each other because they are strong personalities.

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