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It's simple, free, from your mobile phone, tablet or laptop all your need to do is download fring.You can also use fring OUT to make low cost calls to friends that have not installed fring (yet) Families want to stay in touch, when you travel, commute, work abroad or just going to visit some friends, fring is the ideal communication application for you and your familiy.Technologies that enable live chat have evolved for the better.A good example of this evolution is live video chat using a video chat browser.Bold Chat, the market-leading omni-channel enterprise chat solution provides the best live chat for website customer care.You can use Bold Chat to engage your customers through live chat, video chat, email, SMS, and Twitter.Your rich messaging, voice, video and conferencing is for you from your smart phone, tablet or laptop.You can also make cheap calls to your family and friends back home, for free if they are also fring buddies or for low cost to non fring mobile numbers or landline destinations.

Using Bold Chat as the single pane of glass for omni-channel customer communications, businesses can engage their audience through live chat, video chat, email, SMS, and Twitter.Perhaps they can’t find the service they’re looking for or they’re not sure if the product they’re considering truly fits their needs.They could need help navigating the checkout process or they have a complaint they want to register immediately.Students, they spend hours talking to other students...with fring all the communication needs are being answered for free when talking to other fring buddies.My friends are the most important thing to me, I am spending many hours every day with friends, shearing ideas, thoughts and experiences.

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