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As Berserker is now a low-profile bounty hunter, it would be easier to deal with his targets (by simply destroying them instead of winning) if he's piloting a dangerous ship like Black Shadow's.

The characteristics of the machine make it ideal for adept pilots who can negotiate turns at high speeds and knock out the competition.

Pilot: Black Shadow The Black Bull was designed by Black Shadow's own secret organization, the BS Group.

The ship is built to be extremely sturdy and can withstand a lot of abuse.

Retaining the charm and local atmosphere of its predecessor The Crilly Bar and mixing with the original Itzabar that was popular for big games as well as live DJs and live music at the weekends, today our newest offering is the perfect spot to watch major sporting events, enjoy a night out with friends.

The Black Bull Inn also offers the China Shop as its latest addition.

With our rapidly growing firm, we are massively implementing and perfecting our trading technologies and innovating new processes whether it’s a tight spread that executes orders at lightning speed through our servers located in the heart of the London financial district, connected to major exchanges via fibre optic cable, or the very latest trading platform with over 18 deposit currencies available so one can feel at home while depositing and trading with their local currency wherever they are in the world. We continuously optimize our performance to ensure our clients enjoy the premium level of service they deserve.

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