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Chatropolis is a service mark owned by Interfun Corporation.

The word was coined 15 years ago and shortly afterwards trademarked.

Whispering without approval is considered rude; please don't do it.

Image posting is welcome, but please respect the fact this is a chat room too and don't flood the room with images.

By the time I had time to myself, i went to Chatropolis and what did I find?

I found that activity went from 1200 to 400, and that most of the activity happened in privately owned subrooms that were hosted by chatropolis but were run by members who payed a subscription fee to the sites host for the service. I noticed it suddenly being dysfunctional, about 4 days ago. Several years back it was a nice, social gathering place for straight, lusty persons to gather.

If you have a problem, use the Squelch button or speak to a moderator.

We do not screen the people who use our system and make no guarantee as to the character of those individuals nor do we accept responsibility for any of the comments which they may make.

Do not use Action Chat for illegal activity or to distribute personal information.

It was a shock for those of us returning, who had been away for a few years.

I’ve attended the place on regular basis, for the past year, hoping that my attendance, along with a few other straights, might lure some “normal,” buxom and beautiful women into some of the rooms.

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