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“It lifted my spirits and made me feel good about myself,” he told the panel.“She was a funny and intelligent person and the relationship was a welcome distraction from my problems.

Court records say he and a student, now 18, went to two Indianapolis hotels 22 times since July.

The successful candidate will design, develop instructional and professional development materials and resources for AP courses based research-based strategies and ensure pedagogical alignment and editorial style consistency throughout AP program content.

ABOUT AP Advanced Placement is a rigorous academic program built on the commitment, passion and hard work of students and educators from secondary schools and higher education.

A teacher who had an affair with an 18-year-old pupil is free to take up a new job, despite being sacked by his college.

Russell Oakley, 38, told a disciplinary panel the girl had led him on for sex after she found him on an online dating site.

Feel free to contact the teacher education faculty for advising.

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