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According to a recent government survey, instances of bullying occur every seven minutes in the U. Many of us were teased and bullied as children and now we are older it all seems like a distant memory. Bullying doesn't always begin and end inside the four walls of your childhood playground… Bullying is a negative internal behavior; physical, verbal or psychological, displayed by one or more persons towards another.

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I am a very easy going person who has an extremely open and broad mind. I'm a bit reluctant to post pictures of me, but if you behave I'll be happy to show you anything ;) I'm here to have fun with other people and ex...addicted to orgasms!

Hello, I'm a male, white, single, 1.75cm tall, average body, short black hair with a touch of gray, bearded. Literally every 'sub' and people that claim that they 'aren't boring' on here: Not all racial stereotypes are true. Looking for some interesting people to have fun with.

Bullying occurs in all professions, amongst all ages and in all social groups and it can lead to psychological trauma, illness and even death.

The emotional scars from childhood bullying last a lifetime, and often resurface in later years, to cause new problems.

While the character of James Bond was always portrayed as heterosexual, actor Daniel Craig's Bond hinted in "Skyfall" that he may have had sex with a man on one occasion.

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