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For information about entering new data in a database, see the article Add one or more records to a database.

Read this section if you are new to Access or unfamiliar with the concepts behind relational databases.

Data are the principal resources of an organization.

Therefore, an external mechanism must be used to determine what is the preferred desktop file for a MIME type.The format of the cache database is a simple desktop entry format, with a MIME Cache group, containing one key per MIME type.The key name is the MIME type, and the key value is the list of desktop file that can handle this MIME type.Instead, a typical Access database is a a collection of tables, plus a set of objects built around those tables — forms, reports, queries, and so on.In addition, those objects must adhere to a set of design principles or the database will either work poorly or fail altogether.Flyway makes it as painless as possible to automate this process.

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