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Download a Walking Tour Brochure This rustic cottage was once home to Samuel Leffers, a schoolmaster, merchant, and clerk of the court.The primitive house provides the perfect setting to showcase artifacts relating to the daily chores of cooking, spinning, sewing, candle making, and weaving in the Colonial period. ~~ Diane Mason ~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Diane.. He told me he remembered going over there and picking up the used bombs.. Does anyone see the old Washington High School that was on Bridge St? ~~ Hugh Sterling ~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Good picture. Also, the pedestrian bridge from second street to the recreation center is not shown. ~~ Russ Knowles ~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rex.. I met a man the other day that clamed the navy bombed Castle Island with their training bombs..Dear members, Starting today, you'll notice that there's a padlock next to the domain name in the address bar.This is because we've just implemented secure browsing. ~~ Hugh Sterling ~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is earlier than than that Hugh I would say mid forties to late forties.. The old naval reserve center (next to what became Pamlico Marine and going uptown on Water Street, the big warehouse that was next to Potter's Fish Market is there as Is The big fertilizer warehouse to the uptown side of Potter's and next to Maola. Also Charles Parker's house is not there(near train station) It was built in the very early fifties. I also see a very big building that appears to be on Hackney Ave. I think maybe it is an old tobacco warehouse that burned down in the 1990s. ~~ Diane Mason ~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Diane.. Rex might be right about the date being in the early 1940.. the windmills that were placed in Jack's creek for the Tulip Festival are not there.. however I was also looking at that strut on the aircraft.looks early 1940.. I do not know what that is across the street from the field. If you look at the picture, you can see that it appears that 5th Street ends right there at the trees along the creek line. Fourth st, south of Kugler does not look like I remember it.

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If you notice anything unusual following the change please email... For some reason, it really feels like you can turn your mind off to all the undesirables in the previous year, and start afresh with everything good! We all knew this day would come, Madiba lived a great life which should be celebrated.

Beaufort is nestled safely among North Carolina’s southern Outer Banks.

Its surrounding coves and waters (Newport River to the north, Gallants Channel to the west, and Taylor’s Creek to the south) enable carefree navigation by ship and boat to any destination in the area.

I remember seeing a piece of an old bomb that Frank Cox said he got from Grandpapp's Island.

I use to paddle over to Castle Island a lot but I never saw anything except oyster shells and a big pile of bricks and some big old rusted gear wheels.

The terrain of Beaufort is predominantly flat, marked by gorgeous oak and pine trees indicative of North Carolina’s verdant topography.

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