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Reply to this email directly or view it on Git Hub #206 (comment) Specifically, the first line seems to implicitly indicate that there are industry domains (in fact they were listed in the previous page), but they are not listed here. Or would you rather we keep them until they request otherwise?Construction of 6 Water Supply Pipe Schemes for Sorkh Nawi-e-Sorkh Qala, Qali Qasim Bik, Dahane Ergin Villages Panjan District, and Bad Dih, Share Now, Miyana Dih Villages Waras District Bamyan Province ISIAMIC REPUBIIC OF AFGHANISTAN MINISTRY OF RURAI REHABIIITATION AND DEVEIOPMENT (MRRD) Procurement Directorate Budge Ref.Afg-430471 NATIONAI COMPETITIVE BIDDING Invitation for Bids (IFB) For PROCUREMENT OF WORKS FOR...Rehabilitation of Mahigir Canal, Southern Canal Parwan Province Date:27th July, 2016 Rehabilitation of Mahigir Canal, Southern Canal, Network #1, Network #2, Network #3, Network #4, Network #5, Network #6 , Different Villages, Parwan Province ID No.MRRD/ESD/CARD-F/EDP-PARWAN/0001 Donor: Department... Facilitating Partners (FPs) under the Citizens Charter Elements Project (CCEP) / (MRRD) REQUEST FOR EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST (REOI) For Consultancy Services as Facilitating Partners (FPs) under the Citizens Charter Elements Project (CCEP) Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD) Country:... ISS downlink 145,800 MHz; uplink 145,990 Hz ( ALINCO DJ-191), GP 5/8 ( ܻ 10 1997.).

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