Dating girls in vietnam


Interested in dating Asian women but unsure about which particular nationality of women to pursue?

If you like your women to have exotic facial features and a beautiful skin complexion, then you’ll definitely want to seek out the ladies from Southeast Asian countries.

What's worse is that they look this good without even trying!

There is also a live band joint called Napoli (7 pham ngoc thach) with lots of hot girls serving drinks.Places to go: The RNB/hip hop joints have lots of young, university girls that speak decent english - Lavish, Lush (2 Ly Tu Truong), Fuse (3A Ton Duc Thang) are good However, my preference are the ear thumping electro clubs (wear earplugs) where you'll find groups of attractive girls partying - its a very local scene though, so english skills on average are lower.These include X Club, Canalis (147 Hai Ba Trung), Gold club, Crazy Eights.There are also girls here that will drink with you and take a small tip from you at the end of the night (USD3-5), they're not hookers, so you can get their number and date close them if you're interested, ONS is tougher as they work there till the club closes around 4am.Also, there are security guards everywhere and there will be one assigned to your table, good idea to tip him upfront when you get there so he looks after you (sometimes they pull groups of single girls to your table without you even doing anything), they will also cockblock you from girls that are with guys from other tables, good way to prevent fights.I visit Ho Chi Minh city pretty often, primarily because of the ratio of hot women to eligible men, the thumping 7 days a week nightlife and the low cost of living.

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