Dating methods used on otzi carbon dating material


researcher examines the 5,300-year-old body of otzi the iceman in bolzano, italy.

map to give insight into 5,200-year-old iceman live science - august 5, 2010.

Otzi was considered to have 57 carbon tattoos in his lower spine,behind his knee and right ankle. But X-rays, CT scan revealed that an arrowhead has wedged in one of his shoulder when he died.

It was alleged that Otzi must have been a victim of a ritual sacrifice.

in october 2005 the "curse" claimed its seventh "victim" - the 63-year old dr tom loy died prior to finishing a book on otzi.

while this is not disputed, a new study suggests that months after his death, ootzi's corpse was carried to the high mountain pass where it was found.

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Influenced by the "Curse of Pharaohs" it was believed that Otzi mummy was cursed.for developing scientific methods which can then be used on other mummies,” said Zink. histories of continuous human occupation, dating back about 50,000 years. The frozen corpse also gave modern science the opportunity to ...Four separate scientific institutes conducted C-14 radiocarbon dating on Otzi, ...Far from being data, these dates are actually interpretations of the data.As discussed before, the assumptions influence the interpretation of the data.The mummy was found by Helmut and Erika Simon a German couple who were hiking the Oetzal Alps on 19th Sep'91.

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