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A chart on page four outlines the serviceability specifications for the M1, M1C, and M1D rifles To Accompany Troops Overseas.The specification given for Breech Bore Rejection is Over 0.306 or a TE reading of 6 on a gage. If combat troops in the 1950s were issued rifles with a TE of 6 or under, then the same is good enough for a rifle in my collection. Garand Match at Camp Perry with a rifle with a TE of 6, but for general collecting, in my opinion, it matters little.Springfield Armory also returned to Garand production in the 1950s.

In 1939 the original gas trap was replaced with a simpler and more reliable gas port system.

Stock is proofmarked and has some minor wear/scratches. Click for more info The M1 Garand named by General Patton “In my opinion, the M1 rifle is the greatest battle implement ever devised". Has been through the armory and has a replacement stock, but still has mostly HRA parts. Click for more info THIS IS VERY NICE REFINSHED SPRINGFIELD MI GARAND BEAUTIFUL METAL FINISH ON THE RECEIVER, BOLT, REAR SIGHT TRIGGER GUARD AND MAGAZINE FLOOR PLATE REFINISHED STOCK BORE IS NICE AND ...

Has two holes on left side possibly for a cheek piece. Click for more info Here is a Springfield M1 Garand in 308. This is your chance to own one of the iconic battle rifles of World W ...

If you are not a member of the GCA and would like to join (as an M1 owner you really should be a member just as a gun owner you should be an NRA member) you may download a membership application from the GCA website at This is a very good condition pre Pearl Harbor Lend Lease rifle with British Proof marks as described in my article featured in the April 2002 issue of American Rifleman magazine.

It is one of the 38,001 M1 rifles sent to under Lend Lease in 1941-42.

Even if it did, that rifle had probably been through at least one armory refurbishment.

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