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First of all, we would like to say something about how speed dating works in general, be that traditional speed dating or online speed dating.

When you attend a speed dating event, you meet a number of people in a very short time, usually with a few minutes given to you to meet each of the people that you will meet during the event.

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More precisely, we would like to inform you of online speed dating and all of its advantages over the more traditional speed dating which has had some history in Coventry with a rather large scene with many people enjoying occasional Coventry speed dating events.

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Once this round of short and quick dates are done, you give the names of the people that you have found interesting and attractive and if someone on your list has put you on their list, then you are put into contact so that you can start dating or whatever.

With online dating, it is pretty much the same story.

There is already a big scene in Coventry that is interested in online speed dating.

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