Dbml not updating designer cs

I opened one of my LINQ to SQL dbml files, made some changes, and then saved it back to have my designer generated data classes updated.But instead of reflecting my changes in the .class, Visual studio deleted that designer generated file.The migration tool regenerated the .files from the existing files and it turned out that a lot of manual modifications were made to the files.

dbml not updating designer cs-78dbml not updating designer cs-31

I believe the dbml is corrupted but am unsure about the resolution.

NET developers a full-fledged O/RM and persistence tool built into Visual Studio 2008.

VS 2008 SP1's only changes to LINQ to SQL were support for new SQL Server 2008 data types (Date, Time, Date Time2, Date Time Offset, Filestream), improved handling of queries that compare nullable columns with VB, and "numerous bug fixes." Early adoption by many .

The WCF Test Client (which we get from an F5 call) is not particularly easy to use to create more complex calls, such as creating a ‘Car’ instance to upload. Anyways, I will be back with part 3, concerning deletes at some near future point (updates will be part 4).

Let’s go to our Solution Explorer, and add a new console project: ‘Client_Console’. Other benefits to this approach are that you can add in methods etc to the classes without fear of losing them.

VSM Cover Story LINQ to SQL continues to be a top contender in the .

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