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In their own words, the studio explains that ‘s early release is a way to “test the demand for viewing a bigger budgeted film digitally prior to the release of physical discs.” In short, it’s a way for them to analyze the financial ramifications of releasing films via digital distribution windows ahead of physical home releases.For more, hit the jump to check out Summit’s full press release.While the film is classified as a film noir, Johnson claims that no references were made to film noir during production, so as to focus the production away from reproducing a genre piece. Johnson directed the video for The Mountain Goats' song "Woke Up New" in 2006.He is a professed fan of the band, and was asked to direct the video when bandleader John Darnielle noticed a reference to them in the credits for Brick.Cardholders younger than 17 years of age may borrow only “family” designated DVDs and all video games except those rated M. Homebound Resident Cards Individuals who find it difficult to come to the library because of a permanent medical or other condition may apply to the Supervisor of Circulation for a Homebound Card.Patrons will be required to explain why homebound status is needed. The patron must designate on the Library card application form a person to act on their behalf.

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Summit’s TWILIGHT was the first film to gross 0 million at the domestic box office released in this pattern, now a standard practice for both major studios and independents.This particular case will test the demand for viewing a bigger budgeted film digitally prior to the release of physical discs.Summit is not shortening the industry established window between a film’s theatrical release and its home entertainment debut, rather this test aligns with the studio’s ongoing efforts to find the best way to present its films digitally.That's something that, I pray to God, if I am able to keep making movies, I can only hope, twenty years down the line maybe, I'll be able to approach." His debut film, made for just under 0,000, Brick is a crime drama.Johnson has often said that he looked to the novels of Dashiell Hammett as inspiration for the film's unique use of language.He won the Special Jury Prize for Originality of Vision at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival with his debut feature film, Brick.

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