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“I have 20 messages I haven’t responded to about a weekend coming up later this month.” Software developer Michael Sisti, 25, of Cambridge, has been waiting days for puppy love. Shandana Mufti’s two Tibetan Spaniels, Wamrong and Rewa, and her Corgi and Spaniel mix, Milou, all live in Pakistan. He wants to surprise a someone special, but his requests to borrow a dog have so far gone unanswered. She tried to borrow a dog in December, but because of glitches with the app she signed up to dog sit for free instead. “So for the past week I’ve reached out to 10 or so pet owners,” said Sisti, who owns two dogs, a Sheltie named Buddy and a Pomeranian, Teddy. A few days later, Latte the Maltese Yorkie was staying with her for a month. Dating and meeting just the right person isnt easy, especially these days.A dog named Elon is slated to be put to death soon at our Palo Alto animal shelter, unless someone does something about it by THIS THURSDAY AUGUST 28, 2014 TIME UNKNOWN.The purpose of this blog post is to publicize his story, in case someone can help, and also to ask if this is really how we want to go about killing pets in our community?

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Your dog will have a great time with his or her specially chosen friend.

Is this process at all reflective of best practices for animal shelters?

For an update on the reprieve for Elon, see my follow-up post here.

Thats why dating and matchmaking services have become popular businesses.

They match couples up based on personalities and personal qualities that will mesh well together.

She hired a dog sitter and organized a play date for Henry and a little boy (whose mother is allergic to dogs) in their Jamaica Plain neighborhood.

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