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Despite their torture and cruelty, Eli—against all odds—adapts to life with the Comanche, learning their ways, their language, taking on a new name, finding a place as the adopted son of the chief of the band, and fighting their wars against not only other Indians, but white men, too-complicating his sense of loyalty, his promised vengeance, and his very understanding of self. ‘No land was ever acquired honestly in the history of the earth,’ Eli maintains.

But when disease, starvation, and westward expansion finally decimate the Comanche, Eli is left alone in a world in which he belongs nowhere, neither white nor Indian, civilized or fully wild. an aerial view of Texas, in which hidden elements of a huge, breathtaking landscape are suddenly made clear.” The Son clearly demonstrates how a well-written, thoroughly researched work of fiction illuminates the past. An outstanding novelist has tilled this fertile ground.” “In gorgeously gritty prose, this epic novel follows three generations of the Mc Cullough family - as wild as the untamed Texas frontier where they’ve settled - in their ruthless quest for power.

Deftly interweaving Eli’s story with those of his son, Peter, and his great-granddaughter, JA, The Son deftly explores the legacy of Eli’s ruthlessness, his drive to power, and his life-long status as an outsider, even as the Mc Cullough family rises to become one of the richest in Texas, a ranching-and-oil dynasty of unsurpassed wealth and privilege. Just like Meyer’s riveting 2009 debut American Rust, this is a wonderful novel.” “A vivid, unflinching look at the peoples who struggled to conquer Texas, and one another. (Ten Titles To Pick Up Now)” “Critics have compared the writing to Larry Mc Murtry’s Lonesome Dove or any of Cormac Mc Carthy’s novels.

Harrowing, panoramic, and deeply evocative, The Son is a fully realized masterwork in the greatest tradition of the American canon-an unforgettable novel that combines the narrative prowess of Larry Mc Murtry with the knife edge sharpness of Cormac Mc Carthy. Every facet of Meyer’s world—scent and sight and sensation—has weight and heft... The writing is strong - ‘riders were suddening out of the trees’ - and rich with detail. Anyone who likes a Western saga will find plenty to savor in this latest work from a distinguished spinner of Western yarns.” “One of those books that remind you how totally absorbing a novel can be...

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