Esl dating diaries

In this ESL vocabulary game, you can use the classic Tic Tac Toe grid to help your students recall vocabulary that you have been teaching in class.It works best as a filler or a way to conclude a lesson as a review activity. 5) What do you think about meeting someone through a dating agency or dating website? Prior to the late nineties, if you had a crush on a girl and school was out, you had to search through town in hopes of physically finding her.Online, users post flattering photos (which probably conceal their major flaws) on their profile andeligible candidates as possible within a specific time.Student Level: Intermediate, Advanced Age Group: Kids, Adults Movie Idioms Speaking Activity Preparation: There is a bit of preparation …Continue reading Here is an ESL listening activity which uses James Lipton’s questions from his show Inside the Actor’s Studio.

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You can adapt the game, so it can be used to improve your students speaking skills and allows them to have some fun while learning English as well.

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Morally speaking, Western society seems to be becoming increasingly promiscuous.

One-night stands and flings are becoming commonplace.

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