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But on Thursday, the judge questioned the three complainants’ credibility and said they were ‘less than full, frank and forthcoming’ in their version of events.Here’s a recap of the trial, profiles of the key people involved and more background.“When you went on national TV to tell your story, I’m going to suggest that you lied,” Ms. “I did not lie,” replied the woman, whose identity is protected by a publication ban. De Coutere’s cross-examination showed she had been dishonest. Defence lawyers Marie Henein and Danielle Robitaille said that the three women were unreliable witnesses who withheld information from police and lied to the court. 26, 2014, Facebook post that he engaged in “rough” but consensual sex with women. The prosecution: Colleagues described Crown counsel Michael Callaghan, 43, to The Globe as a firm but fair prosecutor respected by the courts. Former Ontario attorney-general Michael Bryant, whom she successfully defended against charges criminal negligence and dangerous driving in 2009, recalled in his memoir that she seemed to “channel Hannibal Lecter” for her ability to “find a person’s deepest frailties and exploit them.” Read Patrick White’s profile of Ms. The judge: Ontario judge William Horkins is no stranger to hot-button issues.When Andrea Charalambous, 26, was looking for an apartment in June, she was hoping to find a clean, responsible roommate.Here’s a roundup of key testimony from the three complainants, and Simon Houpt’s analysis of the defence team’s overall strategy. Ghomeshi will face trial in June on an additional charge of sexual assault stemming from an alleged workplace incident in January, 2008, when he was host of Feb.1: The trial began with one of the complainants testifying that, after her relationship with Mr.Ghomeshi began, he made a “sudden switch” from charm to brutality, and he punched her in the head and pulled her hair. 11: Justice Horkins heard the Crown and defence’s closing arguments before saying he would deliver his verdict on March 24.

Once one of CBC Radio’s star hosts, Jian Ghomeshi was tried on charges of sexual assault. With so many parties, deadlines, lunches, errands, coffee dates, special occasions, dinners with friends, appointments, classes, and commitments, how does anyone have the energy or hours to keep their relationship hot?Well, it’s not easy, but it is possible and it’s also kind of important.Justice William Horkins found Jian Ghomeshi not guilty of all charges on Thursday in the first of the former CBC broadcaster’s two sexual-assault trials. Ghomeshi, the complainants and their lawyers appeared in a Toronto courtroom to hear the verdict, which the judge read aloud for almost 90 minutes.Below, you’ll find a complete day-by-day recap of our coverage of the trial.And the daily skirmishes must be weighed based on priority and importance.

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