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If you read the Guardian or feel like you meet their demographic overview (25-55, worldly, well-educated and wealthy), this dating site might work for you.

Let's walk through the process and take a peek."If you're looking for love you've come to the right place: welcome to Soulmates, the Guardian's online dating service."A few seconds with the most basic of details will have you on the site, but you'll need to flesh out at a bare minimum half of your profile or so to show up in search.

So we advise you not to be shy and jump right in – after all, you haven’t got anything to lose but a whole lot to win.One victim told the BBC they first alerted the online dating service last November, and finally received an email confirming the exposure in late April."It's all information that I was happy to put online at one point anyway, but when it's used outside of context like that it does feel a lot more creepy," the source said.Marco Cova, senior security researcher at anti-malware firm Lastline said: "This is a good reminder that every breach reveals data that criminals can use to launch additional attacks."They can merge data from multiple sources, building dossiers on potential victims, including spearphishing targets.The firm also confirmed email addresses and user IDs were likely to have been exposed, admitting these could be used to locate other publicly available profiles and photographs, physical descriptions and relationship preferences.This information can then be used to send targeted phishing emails, cybersecurity experts warned.Following on from the several big recent hacking scandals where million of users’ personal details have been compromised, Guardian Soulmates – a dating service provided by The Guardian newspaper – are the latest victim of a cyber-hack.

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