Hetalia dating sim


"are you sure" "Order Drink"=2) drink selection"water"= "coffee"= "coke" "Shake Shake!

"-3) reason for a blind date"My friend, Alfred convinced me."- "needed a change of pace"=4) your reason for a blind date"how did you agree to it ? "=14)"Liar."- "He sounds cool, I wish I had a pet bear." 15)"So what's your favorite color? "-16)"I hear that you are a great hockey player." "Alfred told me Ivan sat on you for a whole meeting once because he didn't see you."-(- end)17)"Aah~ You're blushing.

thing, was made on Tyrano Builder (Which can be purchased off of Steam here; store.steampowered.com/app/345… The reason I made this is because I would really like to get back into writing fanfics and making games.

Dating Simulations and Visual Novels appear to be very popular at the moment so I decided to see who was still active on my watch list and who is interested in Hetalia Dating Sims and Visual Novels.

I'm not finished but I've got a good chunk of it done. Haha yeah, I don't especially like yaoi, and there's so much fanart/fanfiction of yaoi in Hetalia, so I do my part to cater to the non-yaoi fanbase as well as the yaoi lovers who just want some het for once.

I have a bunch of free time right now, so I'd like to help (even though I'm pretty useless XD).

I'm not sure what I could do, since I don't really know a lot of stuff, but I can try!

They usually play out as having an attitude toward the main character, either a male or a female, and often criticizing them in one way or another, until they eventually warm up to them or fall in love with them as the series progresses, though they usually find it very hard to admit it or outright deny it in some cases.

Comiket organizer Koichi Ichikawa has described Lum Invader of Urusei Yatsura as being both the source of moe and the first tsundere; Tsundere as a concept is not strictly limited to women, and is not strictly limited to manga or anime.

Credits can be found in the 'Read Me' file that'll be downloaded with the game, but I will copy and paste them here as well. [AP Hetalia Denmark ver0.31]Snow Background - mugenjohncel Always With You ... [Instrumental] (Google is not helping me find the artists for this, so if you know, let me know.)Urahara Steph put this together and wrote the text. Hetalia belongs to You're an amazing writer, and playing a simdate with your writing would be super fun. The choices are cool, and the prompts are a nice touch.

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