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Post her breakup, while Sushant has been linked with his co star Kriti Sanon, Ankita was not seen with anyone. On Thursday, Ankita was spotted on a dinner date with TV actor Kushal Tandon.

Kushal, shared their cutesy pictures on Instagram, which led many gossipmongers to decipher that something might be cooking between them.

A 7.1-magnitude earthquake hit off the coast of Japan earlier today, about 200 miles east of the town of Namie and 6 miles down in the Pacific Ocean, the U. Since then, multiple earthquakes have struck this region, including a M7.3 quake in December of last year, though none have resulted in such devastating waves.

Initial reports from the USGS put the quake's magnitude at 7.3, and the Japan Meteorological Agency put out a tsunami advisory for several coastal regions, asking people to "leave the coast immediately." However, by a.m. In March 2011, the M9.0 earthquake that struck about 59 miles north of this event displaced huge amounts of ocean water as the Pacific tectonic plate slipped under the Okhotsk plate, triggering a massive tsunami that killed thousands and knocked out the Fukushima nuclear power plant.

If he wasn’t interested why not just tell me instead of pulling a vanishing act?

This isn’t the first time I dated a guy and things were going great and then he fell off the face of the earth and I can’t for the life of me figure out why.

A leading entertainment portal got in touch with Kushal to know, if there was even a shred of truth in the reports and the ex Bigg Boss contestant had a scathing reply. It’s about a female’s integrity.” Hope this may put an end on all the rumours.Kushal said, “Two good-looking single people, who are friends like family… Post her break up with Sushant, looks like Ankita has become the social bee.if they post a picture together, that doesn’t mean they are dating. She can be seen posting pictures on her Instagram account and partying with friends.We talked on the phone and texted regularly and went out on a few amazing dates.Everything seemed to be going well but then he had to go out of the country for a business trip.Players from each team will contest the Pairs or Triples and Singles or Fours, with the availability of using the 6th player, as and when, required in any of the four events in any Round. Points will be awarded for each of the four events as follows:- Winner 10pts, Runner Up 8pts, 3rd Place 6pts, 4th Place 5pts, 5th place 4pts, 6th place 3pts, 7th place 2pts and 8th place 1pt. Gold, Silver & Bronze medals will be awarded to First, Second and Third in each of the four events and the overall Winning Team will receive the overall Trophy. The overall Winning Tea In will be decided as follows a The total points claimed by each counhtry over the four disciplines will be added together.

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