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These whitish/yellow worms are dorso-ventrally flattened, and much more narrow than they are long.They have no oral opening, thus feeding through absorption.Sperm trading can be a mechanism to solve the conflict over sex roles in hermaphrodites with copulation, sperm competition, and sperm digestion.If present, sperm donation depends on sperm receipt, resulting in conditional reciprocal inseminations.Eggs are laid within two to three hours of fertilization and hatch approximately twelve hours later.may reach up to 12 meters, increasing throughout its life.

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A significant treatment*paternal family interaction for the androecium/gynoecium ratio is evidence for additive genetic variation for plastic floral sex allocation, which means that further evolution of allocation can occur.As a result, reciprocity was more frequent than expected under random mating, supporting trading of penis intromissions.Contrary to the predictions under trading of ejaculate sizes, intromission durations were not balanced between mating partners.Sex allocation theory predicts that individuals with fewer resources will be more male-biased while individuals with more resources will be more female-biased, based on the differential fitness gain curves of allocation to male and female functions (Charnov 1982, 1996).The effect of natural variation in plant resource status (with size often used as a proxy measure of resource status) on sex allocation has been well studied in hermaphrodites (Ashman and Hitchens 2000; Guo 2008a).In particular, it is unknown whether distal flowers in linear inflorescences show a larger shift to male allocation relative to basal flowers when resources are reduced.

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