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Al Hafiz ibn Hajar in his book (Fath al Bari) said that conversing with non mahram women secretly does not cause questioning one’s religiosity should there be no temptation.

Mulla ‘Ali al Qari in his book “Mirqat al Mafatih” said that seclusion with a woman in the street is not the same as seclusion with a woman in a house.

In the latest example of Indonesia's growing religious conservatism, the men will be caned if convicted and face a maximum penalty of 100 strokes.

The shaky cell phone video shows a naked young man slumped on the floor, making a desperate phone call."Brother, please help, please help, please help us," he says.

In the background a shirtless young man tries to leave the room. The man on the floor is slapped, then kicked."Brother we got busted having sex," he says, on the phone.

The video captures the neighbours calling one of the men "a dog" — a particularly offensive insult to any Muslim.

One of the crying young men pleads: "Brother please don't report me.""You are a man," says his accuser. "Banda Aceh's religious police enforce the province's strict sharia code.

I once wrote a review about dating Indonesian girls and where to meet them.

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