Interactive online naked bots

The photos have sparked heated conversations online and a temporary Facebook ban.

(Julia Busato Photography/Facebook) A photographer whose work portrays the bodies of women "who don't want to fit the mold" says she is "floored" after being temporarily banned by Facebook — again.

Julia Busato, a Guelph, Ont.-based photographer started the series last year, taking photos of naked models posed behind a mannequin figure. They don't justify why they do it." Her photos mostly feature women, but she has also photographed some men for the series.

There's no explicit nudity — that's hidden behind the mannequin or digitally obscured — but she says some of the photos have been reported and removed from her Facebook album, earning her a 30-day ban on the site which began late last week. "It's just been mayhem." It's not the first time Busato has been banned from the site, and that ticks her off. Busato said Facebook told her some of the reported photos violated their standards for nudity.

Then suddenly I started realizing I looked really stupid. After years of mass denial–of declining advertising effectiveness, of disruptive technologies such as the Internet and Ti Vo changing long-entrenched consumer behavior–the ad industry is finally beginning to acknowledge its baldness.

The Oculus Rift and Oculus’s website received 2.7 percent of its referral traffic from VR porn sites between January and November 2015.

VR porn is already drawing millions of views, according to data-company Similar Web.

Jon Wilkins, one of three founders of Naked Communications, was speaking at an ad-industry confab last January in London.

The stylishly groomed 38-year-old Brit had just finished telling a room of 100 or so of his peers that their industry is institutionally incapable of giving clients the smartest ideas.

As he finished, someone in the audience complained, “You’re saying everything’s changing and it’s not.” Before Wilkins could respond, one of his clients intercepted the challenge.

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