Intimidating names for men

Even basketball had simple, easily digestible initial team nicknames like Celtics, Warriors and Pistons.

Certainly, there were the occasional ones explained only by the bygone anachronisms of yesteryear such as the Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers and the Philadelphia Sphas (“Spha” stood for South Philadelphia Hebrew Association, with its players primarily Jewish).

Misogynoir – a term coined by Black queer feminist scholar As a humanist, I believe in the virtue of human accountability and social responsibility to forsake behavior that harms others.

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One might debate the intimidation factor of a Maple Leaf, but as a nickname, it was unambiguous.Royal names also remain popular, with George, Harry and William all in the top 10 boys' names, although Charlotte has dropped two places to 25th in the girls' list despite the nation's love for the baby princess.There are officially 14 different ways to spell Mohammed - which means 'one who is praiseworthy' - and the variation in spelling can depend on a family's background, whether they are from an Arabic-speaking country and differences in pronunciation.Fast forward into the modern era and marketing has intertwined itself into the process.Form has become just as important as functionality.I vividly recall one time my babysitter angrily chastising me for telling another, younger boy she took care of that “It’s okay to mess around with Black women, but you don’t marry them.”Perhaps it was cinematic examples like New Jack City’s Nino Brown nonchalantly pouring champagne on his weeping girlfriend and declaring, “Cancel that bitch, I’ll buy another one.” Or maybe it was songs like Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s “Dog Shit” that describes a woman with brown skin and weave and proceeds to tear her down with every foul name you could imagine.

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