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A second source said that Katie and Jamie spent the night together in mid-September at the Trump Soho Hotel.

A driver arrived to take Jamie to the set of his new flick Annie but Katie turned up to take the limo instead.

OW: When we talked years ago, you said the spirit of your grandmother is always with you. How many grandmothers in Texas say you need to become a classically trained pianist? Everyone wanted to move up, or away, by going across the tracks.

So here we are, near Rockefeller Center, where you’re rehearsing for Saturday Night Live. The way I approached my career was risky: It could have sent me to the top or left me stranded. JF: I grew up in Terrell, Texas, which was literally on the wrong side of the tracks.

During her nearly three decades on the air, Oprah Winfrey has not been shy about her lifelong battle with her weight.

Here, a look at the media mogul's body struggles and how she's fought — and won — her food addictions.

One can only assume what her overall view of how society should be based on what she says.Her record of philanthropy, however, speaks volumes about her concern for a better society. She had never before endorsed a candidate and some speculate that she was instrumental in him winning the election.Guide us wise and mystical “O.” One important thing to remember is that Oprah has real influence. It appears that she fell for “hope” and “change” like so many of us, saying: I don’t consider myself political and I seldom interview politicians.Get it together, so many countries look up to the ideals America represents, dont continue to embarass the country with foolishness.If you believe you are worth les because other people devalue your complexion, that is your conscious choice.Their divorce case closed in August that year after they reached a divorce settlement in less than two weeks.

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