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That perfect girl who you know is really the one even though you’re over forty?

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American women now are more focused on their careers their friends, and making it to the top even at a young age.

C., Landis' tendency to overwhelm co-stars explains why she never got the plum starring roles more demure bombshells like Rita Hayworth and Rhonda Fleming got.

She is also said to have had pronounced feminist views, dating back to her high school days when she organized a girls football team that was banned by the school's principal on the grounds it was "unladylike." If the comedy/mystery Having a Wonderful Crime would have been an overall better movie ("Sometimes she doesn't make sense, but that's only when she's talking"), Landis' eye-popping swimsuit scene probably would be one of the most memorable shots of the decade.

Some of the forties femme fatales became unforgettable parts of pop culture: Rita Hayworth flipping her hair in , Betty Grable's "legs", Veronica Lake's hairdo.

Other forties fatales built well-remembered careers across film genres: Barbara Stanwyck, Rhonda Fleming, Dorothy Malone, Lana Turner, Gene Tierney, Gloria Grahame, and Ida Lupino.

As a reward for her insight, I put her in charge of the project.

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