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We think this is the most useful way to test a phone’s camera, and we took all the photos in each location with a minute or two of each other in order to keep lighting conditions consistent.The only exception was the LG G5, which unfortunately arrived in the post an hour after we’d finished taking photos on the other phones.If your priority is video, it is well worth going for a phone with good stabilisation as this make a big difference to the footage. You can listen to the quality of the microphones in each of the clips (links below).So we went out into the real world, took real photos of people and places, holding the phones in our hands.

You have to go to the pc and set your mobile profile. It's super convenient, and a great way to monitor my system while afk otherwise.This app requires CAM for Windows and a registered account.Download the CAM desktop application here: trouble shooting, bug reports and feedback, visit us at: You can select your custom fan curves, or switch to fixed fan speed mode. It's not possible to set the fixed fan speed % or the pump speed %.Simply link your PCs together with a CAM account and start monitoring your connected PCs on the go.CAM Mobile currently support the control of Kraken, Grid , and HUE products right from the App.However, it had arrived in time to take the selfie and low light shots alongside all the other phones.

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