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Garrett is stationed at Tyndall Air Force Base, according to PCBPD.

"The Air Force sets high standards for our people and we won't tolerate airmen who fall short of those standards," Tyndall said in a released statement.

The greatest and most dramatic increase in online dating is among the oldest of Gen Z and the youngest of the Millennials ages 18 to 24 years old.Mom, dad, and even grandma and grandpa, may be surfing for sex too.The percentage of baby boomers ages 55-64 that report digital dating has doubled from 6 percent in 2013 to 12 percent in 2015.Young kids increasingly “lack the motor skills needed to play with building blocks because of an ‘addiction’ to tablet computers and smartphones,” revealed the story, citing school teachers’ observations that “many children aged just three or four can ‘swipe a screen,’ but have little or no dexterity in their fingers after spending hours glued to i Pads.” Another shadowy category of casualties of the digital revolution, video-game addicts, attained official recognition in January when a new mental condition, “Internet Gaming Disorder,” was added to psychiatrists’ “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual” used for diagnosing mental illness.“When these individuals are engrossed in Internet games,” says the updated fifth edition, (“DSM-V”), “certain pathways in their brains are triggered in the same direct and intense way that a drug addict’s brain is affected by a particular substance.” Previously, video-game addiction broke into the news cycle only when it led to horrible crimes – such as when 16-year-old Daniel Petric shot both of his parents in the head, his mother fatally, for taking away his Halo 3 game, or when Rebecca Colleen Christie allowed her 3-year-old daughter to starve to death because mom was so obsessed with playing World of Warcraft online.Most recently, Santa Barbara mass murderer Elliot Rodger, known to be obsessed with the same game, was reported to have been “mimicking a specific character from the violent Warcraft video game.” Of course, toddler i Pad problems, video-game addiction, even the mushrooming epidemic of online gambling as well as the massive numbers of people reportedly “addicted” to the Internet itself, to Facebook, to texting and so on – all these pale in comparison to the truly gargantuan and society-ravaging problem of Internet pornography.

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