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Price Chapter 5 Mountain Landforms and Geomorphic Processes Jason R. More than half of humanity relies on the fresh water that accumulates in mountains for drinking, domestic use, irrigation, hydropower, industry, and transportation (Viviroli et al. Mountain provide millions of people with both timber and non-timber forest products (e.g., mushrooms, medicinal plants), and play vital downstream protection roles by capturing and storing rainfall and moisture, maintaining water quality, regulating river flow, and reducing erosion and downstream sedimentation (Price and Butt 2000; Price et al. Because the same geologic forces that have raised mountains have also helped concentrate assemblages of (JenÌk 1997, Körner and Spehn 2002, Spehn et al. With increasing altitude, changes in temperature, moisture, and soils can create a dense juxtaposition of differing ecological communities, sometimes ranging from dense tropical jungles to glacial ice within a few kilometers. He is Managing Director of the International Mountain Society (IMS), which publishes the journal Mountain Research and Development. Price is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Geography at Portland State University. For example, as much as 80 percent of the world's originates in mountains, where all of the world's major rivers have their headwaters. from mountain watersheds provides 19 percent of the world's total electricity supply, and more than 97 percent of the electricity generated by "alternative" methods such as solar, wind, geothermal, and biomass (Schweizer and Preiser 1997; Mountain Agenda 2001).Daha fazla bilgi → Download, stream, and import live data feeds of worldwide ADS-B/MLAT/RADAR positions, FBO fuel prices, airport information, airlines, and more.Daha fazla bilgi → Premium hesap aboneliği ile ek özelliklere ve veri kaynaklarına erişin.Of even greater importance is that society at large now realizes that mountains and the people who reside in them are not isolated from the mainstream of world affairs, but are vital if we are to achieve an environmentally sustainable future. Mountains are often for plants and animals long since eliminated from these more transformed lowlands, such as the volcanoes of Rwanda and Uganda, where the last of the world's mountain gorillas, now numbering less than 300, survive (Weber and Vedder 2001).Mountain Geography is a comprehensive resource that gives readers an in-depth understanding of the geographical processes occurring in the world’s mountains and the overall impact of these regions on culture and society as a whole. Many plant and animal species are in the world-including potatoes, wheat, corn, and beans-were domesticated in mountains, and mountain peoples long ago developed elaborate agricultural production systems and strategies based on altitudinal and ecological zonation (Grötzbach and Stadel 1997: Chapter 11).This major revision of Larry Price’s book Mountains and Man (1981) is both timely and highly appropriate. For instance, 962 species of medicinal plants occur in the temperate to alpine zones of the Indian Himalaya, of which 175 are being used by herbal drug companies (Purohit, 2002).The past three decades have been a period of remarkable progress in our understanding of mountains from an academic point of view. Many mountains can be thought of as "islands" of biodiversity, such as Mount Kenya and Kilimanjaro in East Africa (Hedberg 1997), that rise above vast plains of human-transformed landscapes below.

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