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A 2012 report found that 70 percent of prostitution ads came from the site.

“Don’t even bother trying to get those plums.” Langdon told us.When a guy says no strings attached does it mean he wants to play the field? perhaps it means that you will do until something better comes along. As far as I knew, "no strings attached" means the person doesn't want a relationship beyond a purely sexual one.If you think someone is lying about their marital status try confronting them. If a guy says it to you, he petty much doesn't want you to talk, unless you are telling him how big his thingy is, or how wonderful he is at poking.1) Doing something for someone without asking for anything in return.2) Being in a relationship with someone, while still dating other people.when a guy says it in reference to a relationship, I automatically think friends with benefits=no strings attached. They could go out and purchase that so why involve someone else who may get hurt?? They don't technically hurt you on purpose, because they already gave you the conditions.

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